Mea Vulva, Maxima Vulva at Merayakan Murni Exhibition, Sudakara Art Space Sanur

In the social interaction of modern urban society, individuals are required to attend by wearing the identity formed by elements outside them. The individual identity is constructed by the public perception on the accumulation of capital (social, cultural, economic, and symbolic as in Pierre Bordiou’s thought). Based on that perception, the position of the individual in the process of social interaction within the community is determined by the segmentation and social classes.

It encourages individuals to achieve capital symbolic as high as possible in the purpose of improving their social class in society. But not all have the awareness to accumulate its entire capital, including social capital, economic, cultural, and symbolic thoroughly. Most people only motivated to pursue capital symbolic without including the three other aspects. As the impact can be seen in the desire increasing of individuals to the symbols of the class in the form of commodities that had been reduced in the community as a marker of a certain social class.

This is then can be understood as fetishism or the insanity pursuing certain objects in order to fight for social class as we have seen today how the fashion trends shaping social class framework. In the works of this time, I tried to question about the re-establishment of individual identity in the public sphere, including the pursuit of capital symbolic does. It is about the public perception in massive movement to establish a person’s identity through self-imaging. It is certainly create the layer of identity in accordance with the public segmentation that will be face by the individual.

I want to present how identity can become fashion which merely appear follow the trend with its temporary with the parameters that created by the upper class hegemony with the hierarchy as reflected in the object (vagina). Objects in the tray is ceramic vagina, combustion process that makes the object into a ceramic is a metaphor for an identity that has been through the process of forging, competition, experience, and effort to reach the parameters of social class. Whereas vagina on the floor, represent the identity in the lowest hierarchy. As the impact people keep continue to update their identity through the collection of capital symbolic. Today, we also see that identity politics is not just limited to the pursuit of social class motives, but also motivated by primordially elements that include ethnicity, religion, and ideology.

Rancangan Instalasi

The Design of Mea Vulva, Maxima Vulva

Citra Sasmita_01

Detail Mea Vulva, Maxima Vulva 1

Citra Sasmita_02

Detail Mea Vulva, Maxima Vulva 2

Citra Sasmita_03

Detail Mea Vulva, Maxima Vulva 3


The Display in Sudakara Art Space in front of Mella Jaarsma installation “Pure Passion”. The detail of artwork is variable dimention


I’m explaining the concept of the art work


Curiosity 1


Curiosity 2


“Celebrating Murni”: life, legacy and memory of Indonesia’s IGAK Murniasih – artist profile

Whose Canvas: Citra Sasmita

Celebrating The Art of Murni

Balipost minggu, 24/7/2016

“Merayakan Murni” Perayaan Melawan Patriarki

Puting Digigit Buaya dan Gaya Lain – Berbagai Rupa Perayaan Murni


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