What  for became hurricanes

If breeze assures Thy presence

no need attend within torrential rain

‘Cos the rainbow has wreak Thy pain

Is that clouds are Thy grief?

I’ve grasp from dry grass and trees

I knew…

When Thy thrilled in a shaft of sunlight

or depressed within sweltering day sting

Thy rage so blaring

veiled within thunder and lightning

I wit…

I meet Thy simply

Without understand doctrine and scripts

And Thy even greet within gurgling water

Or faint chirping birds

we have been acquainted, Lord

thank you, for the award..

that was my pleasure

and I nominate charleslmashburn  for the next award




Maintains the heaven
Within what kind of life?
Whether the vows of holy nuns?
Or sinners with worldly pleasures?
If the heavens should retained
Then it wouldn’t eternal and fly away
Feel the hellish
O.. throne less soul,
People would be Hades
For those who lost Eden
Celestial world
Tartarus world
A shift of every sithe
Which will soar,
or fall into darkness