MOTHER art By Citra Sasmita

I had motive to show my femininity through my painting and art project. I have never been finished my psychological war especially my existence as traditional Balinese woman. I never like my culture that treat woman unfairly. In Indonesian culture, especially the culture of Bali is still dominated by male masculinity. Women’s role was limited to giving birth, caring, became the housekeeper, without any movement to become more independent. and therefore, “Mother” that I present in this visual, I was a symbol of the female figure full of restraint. Women were never heard to speak in politic and always be the object of a man and not as a subject (I mean how women can be a figure equal to men). Women are always considered weak, women should always be subject to prevailing norms in a patriarchal culture. I will bring fight through the visual


Mother art by Citra Sasmita 2013


Quote 1

I don’t believe in God, I now never doing what usual people do for praying. But one things I do believe, when I’m painting or writing poem, a little pain inside my soul are released.