Her hair no longer slipping in that old chair

broken and branched follow the contours of the palm

the skin was flushed webbed the wood fuse

dreamy eyes smile adorned Loranthus

Thou knows the memories never as sharp as used to do

so paint it with rosy and crimson yesteryear

on the walls and the ceiling of gray

that will remind thee the seducing pray

then looked at her wistfully

kissed her brow as lying behind the serene sorrow

Do not ever sigh regretfully

to lose morning and flirt

because time will end itself

before thou could recall the rest of the breath




Loranthus: parasitic plant


2 thoughts on “ODE FOR DEATH

  1. from morning and flirt
    to losing a day just trifling by
    for those few words; where worlds intertwined
    a simple moment of bewilder gaze
    broken heart from curves of wanting mouth
    lost in the midst of eyes that briefly connect
    feeling soul-less when turned away
    a yearning in just to simply reflect
    to bleed a few image that allude this scent
    repeatedly pounding on this emotion
    like a piano key that lost its notes; dissonant sounds
    yet the only enjoyment is to sigh deeply…
    regret what?

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