While the earth stop turning

A silent smile no longer whisper trough the cry that night

A tranquil noise which flows upon ripple fear

Last poet losing words on those deserts thought

All that called the light, they are empty!

I lock my mind and buried it in the depths of myself

Why do I kill that growing thing?

I wonder my instinct grudges against a sound said conscience

Thy pretend to be ironic yet envy

Where Thou are true, My Lord?

That unseen in my ruins of heart

A Captain in my lasting ship

Deaf, blind and Waiting ….

C. Sasmita’12


Life is the parody scene

laugh upon hurt that grow

why wouldn’t we enjoy the show?

Thank you again  @ Hyde Park Poetry for the award. I do honored, hope my words could awaken world


2 thoughts on “A DEAD FAINT

  1. You write good poems up here, Citra. I am so proud of you! Keep writing and inspiring, girl!

    There will be lots of readers who will be inspired by your poetry, I am sure! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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