O’ Praise The Old Hag

Someday I dimmer shrink

May my soul ringing

to the frail pillar grimace

through age that leave a summer breeze

Be still my dear (the only bug on my branch of red Mahoney)

A warfare against moment that colonize our breath and dream

Haven’t we scheming through cradle of evening

For the sake O’ warrior, sons and daughters

That grew out of our glorious sin

Lo Realm that take us to the battlefield!

How they could be shielded

by the wound Thy thrive?


6 thoughts on “O’ Praise The Old Hag

  1. When someone writes poetry in a second language, they often write the new language using the way of their old; this recreates and stimulates poets like me who were born into the language which is new for you. You dare to break rules because you don’t know what many of them are – in doing so, you have created something that makes me sit back, inhale with delight.. This is beautiful.

    • Dear Brokenpenwriter,

      This kind of comment that I’m waiting for…. since I do really need learn about how to make a good poem, that understandable among the reader. I write poetry freely, since I never learn the rules of it. so this is a great consideration for me, to increase my writing ability. Thank you dear friend, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. get healed soon, if not, stay strong, love seeing you around.

    Hello, How is your day?

    Hope all is well,
    Appreciated your invaluable support to us,
    Best regards.

    Join us any time and share a verse or two,
    Your talent pleases me and makes a huge difference too,

    Hope to see you in soon,

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