How mournful, the gravel who wished at clouds to embrace the mount bloom

Nothing, yet gray blobs would blown by the weather’s betray

Unless mist in every steep

uncertainty kisses…

Thy sue a slumber, a tyrant  present

Aware the early air petrifies thy a mortal cry

It’s tantamount of breath a thousand guillotine

My Lord! So a tortured concord!

Awaken thy a burden wraith

Lest O’ quietus nay differ than the joy of life


11 thoughts on “ELEGY

  1. such lovely almost antiquated poetry – very reminiscent of the Bard himself – I very much like your way with the language and your imagery … esp things like “So a tortured concord!” Very nice.

  2. I am not an educated poet, I just write 🙂 therefore, this type of poetry is hard from me to understand but l loved the flow and rhythm of it, it’s like a waltz. i really did enjoy that!! smiles, Terri

  3. Dear Terri,
    I do still learning about writing poetry too, since I love Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe, so I love use philosophy and old term of English. A kind of my weaknesses too that the reader can’t understand what is my purpose, but I’m glad you enjoy to read…. I will increase my skill. Thank anyway for the comment 🙂

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