A Man From Heaven #1

My beloved, a men, a heart of universe …
If our encounter had come, when you give yourself in my forehead, memorable and etched ’til soul vanished the end of the world. Are you willing to reign within rubble, then I crowned you a vert? It was, a youths who found me early…lovely dandy to tear apart my throne for you. How baseness I bring you dry, whilst I promised meadow eye. Would you drank the mud within my springs? Or taste the dry of my wilting tilth?
Would you sow the seed within my flushed field, nourish me with a dream that one day will grow knight, son and daughter from the womb that touchable earthy pests?

“While I was wandering, set my pace on gravel and thorny, I’m so tired and agony. No one allowed me live as I will ensure the happiness. Since you never fence your as I feared, it will be sorrowful rain, I’ll tricked sprouting springs even I’ll forced the sun to shine just for you. Wasn’t it enough I vow upon the witnesses, any being sacred things? My dear, a universe in my sight … I’ll do all the requirements to glorify you. “

C. Sasmita



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