Life is a punishment, Is that true?

Settled nine months in the womb,

Awaits the prison gates open

Which baby could laugh when they were born?

They moaned and wept,

what blemishes that tarnish the purity of the live?

Mother’s eyes teary, whispering faintly

“the devil will not make you guilty”

Father looks after, ’till ready to against the cruel of the world

Their wills:

“Love is misery, if treated with insincerity

The success is painful, if lulled by praises

Be true will not be listened,

Because all choose false bliss

Drowning and trapped in the cycle of life and death

Feel the joy, sorrow, anguish in this deep dark abyss

Isn’t  it tormented?

Let’s survive, my dear child

Until the light truly take us

Surrounding countless sin

Melted with the fiery

Deserve the Eden and buried


8 thoughts on “REBIRTH

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