A Hill With No Name

Daze and gasping walks on the path
Led by the faint prayers, and songs goodbye
Wooed memories and farewell tears
They said “morning, do not leave!”
But he never turn away
Ignore the thread that binds compassion and loss
Brushed aside sheath of love and dreams that always false
“The world is filled with joy but empty
But the emptiness is the one that keep all lasting bliss”
He heard a whisper from crevices of rattle weeds
Then he followed the dim light of fireflies
Fear of stray and decay within indefinitely stairway
He want to return and come home
Leave wandering life that just a sojourn
He go back home,
Where there are only mist and warmth
Sage of the ancestral throne
That blend within ember yet painless
When he found what he was dreamed of
Somewhere imponderables by even holiest humans
He glued and tears
Melt within eternal abyss

this poem inspired by song Namonaki Oka (Yoshida Kyoudai)


14 thoughts on “A Hill With No Name

  1. This reminds me of the quote: ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ but the reality is of course, it isn’t. As this man discovered.
    Lovely, gentle, prose, filled with a vivid imagery.
    Thanks for visiting me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. There are lovely flowing, natural, metaphors in your words and the sensations and feelings come through strongly. I enjoyed this – and thank you for visiting my site too,

  3. Great free verse poem! I was captivated by your line ‘Ignore the thread that binds compassion and loss’. Something to consider with that one – possibly a story behind, yes?

    Good job – keep up with the poetry.

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