Moist dark … … the brittle crack wind  from the window wrenched her pale and frozen skin… The smell of rot and a swollen wet dust dominates the room,until her breath became heavy and congested. For a long time her eyes staring, with blackened eyelids and dark iris.  And the fact there is absolutely no color in that room. Only dried chrysanthemum flowers that awarded by the loved ones six months ago, and the rest just a gray wall that has been peeled wistfully. She looked frail lying on that hard mattress, with traces smile full of hope … The hope … That was a fool she had believed in the pink tinge, which is now became parasite.

She sighed in silence as she wailed. Once, behind that dusty window, many friends and companions wept and stared at her sadly. And she could only smirk with sarcastic thoughts. Her hearts completely frozen, unable to feel the warmth of sincerity. Once her eyes are always full of hope and all she wanted was the beloved one…
She had long awaited, but the man never came. Only dried chrysanthemum, which always made she remember the memories. Sweet indeed, but more and more remember it, her chest felt more pain and tight, she afraid it was all a dream and will never become a reality. There is no possibility to cry because the water has flushed from her eyes that full of rust, hoping it could happen again.

In the silence, now she heard the faint sound of prayer.
“so sorry …. I hope the man came to visit her, so she could recover”
Thank you … only that word could whisper into silence, but rather she was little disappointed. Why anyone did not pray her to be free from suffering?

Suddenly, beside her bed a little sad girl sat hugging her own body. Her left hand held the marionette doll that worn black dresses as the girl’s wear. And without expected, the girl sobbed with tormenting sounds that disturb her composure. Indeed now she was alone in the room, but that does not mean she hates her solitude, she would not require the presence of others at this time. Then, the little girl holding her limp and stiff hands, grinning with teeth that looked black and rare.

Sis… Let’s play! “said the girl huskily
Is that a kind of joke? Even breath it still required effort. Deep inside of her heart, she wanted to be free from this tragedy, then could run away again, inhaling the fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun burned her skin.

“I’m lonely …” the girl said again.
Did the girl can’t see that she is also really lonely right now? Her chest was so sore when she knew the people she trusted leaving one by one as if they were already tired of grieving for her. Then where the only one she loved? The man never came … just that dried chrysanthemum flower … But her heart remained steadfast in the hope that man will come and kiss her forehead gently, before she could sleep in peace.

“Hm … he’s happy with the others.” The girl grumbled
This is the most painful thing she had heard. She smiled bitterly, because she had long been known about it. But her heart still denied, and stupidly she always believed that even though a little, there are still part of his heart that love her. However he always made her upset and heartbroken, but she could always forgive him.

“Life is really boring!” This time the girl yawned with little teary eyes.
The little girl was right! She thought about how disgusting ordeal she experienced in this life. The moments of how the heart beats soiled by the fire of jealousy. Time when she was confused to choose painful arsenic or suffocating cyanide. And then he decided to feel both of it that caused his heart feel on fire and explode.

“Hihihihihihihihi.” The little girl laughed and grinning.
So funny, that she regretted what she had done. She laughed softly, as she aware that it was a stupid joke or a foolishness which is more funny than a joke. Life is full of jokes, even about this situation, she could imagine the laughter of the person she loved it with the others…

“So, come with me Sis! Let’s play!”
This time she agreed … wherever, the life is full of games, otherwise it would be very boring. She was tired of hearing the prayers that there is absolutely no point in it anymore. She was tired waiting for someone whom she hoped would be the most beautiful memories until the last moment as now. The void has been covering the entire cavity in the body and soul. No tears or last words to be remembered, she did not like leaving anything! Then she felt fine threads binding her fingers and all joints. She could move her arm back … but not on her own… she could run, but not as she wished. This time she was not a wrinkle pale face and full of grief again that lied frailly in the bed. In fact she had left the skin that always been became a regret. But this time she felt light and free! Free?! That’s sound have little possibility. Because the threads have been tied together on her just like that marionette puppet. But it would not mind, because now she is feel better!

Well … now we can play Sis! hihihihi” the girl said excitedly
“Who are you? And what are we playing? ” She said for the first time
“Of course I’m your guardian … and we’re going to play with fate …”


Thursday Tales‘s 67th prompt , picture by Anne Frank.

Note: would love to know if there any grammatical mistake, since I ignore that in writing this story 🙂


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