Love Present Just Along The Road

If love is like a porcupine who willingly abort her thorns
Do the beloved willing to be shield for the weak one?
If love was like a lamb cuddling to the wolf,
Do beloved wouldn’t make her into the bones?
And if love makes flowers withered, as bug sucking out her cider
Do beloved dedicate freshness that always pledged?
Who could answer?
Should I ask
Romeo and Juliet that born from Shakespeare’s fantasy
Or Tristan and Isolde that happy in a parting irony?
How to get love by sincere, with a simple sacrifice?
As a bird who devotedly follow the wind..
As the leaves expecting a twig though dropped..
As char that resigned to be dust, devoured smoldering flames!
But the love of the beloved, not as a fairy tale
That lived happily ever after,
Why the meaning of love not astonishing as the old poets acclamation?
That continues and revolve in reincarnation
Love present just along the road
As sugar cane that use and throw
Cause the hurt that never stop to grow


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