The poem of “City Matsuri” written by considering the conditions of modern urban, that ridden of neglected criticism, criminal acts, or any other social disease which also happens in our reality/our daily life and there is no doubt happens near our place. Especially in Bali, Indonesia. A small part of thousand islands of Indonesia can’t avoid the temptation of the world. Everyone just flow in the joy, no matter harm the interests of others. That’s Life… Free and happy! But temporary

Sincerely C.Sasmita


49 thoughts on “CITY MATSURI

  1. Love how you describe the happenings of a festival. Makes me want to go to Japan and be in one. Keep up the writing. Happy summer!

  2. Very well done. So descriptive of a night of festivities that might later be regretted. If that is your handwriting, it is artwork and I like the picture background to your blog.

  3. All cities seem to have their seedy, nasty, dangerous side, don’t they? You’ve captured it well here with your imagery. This is a good read! Thanks for sharing it.

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