Haiku is a poetic form and a type of poetry from the Japanese culture. Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form. Haiku poets, write about everyday things. Many themes include nature, feelings, or experiences. Usually they use simple words and grammar. The most common form for Haiku is three short lines.

God, I can’t finish the proposal yet.
Please postpone my death
and don’t send the angel from the grave


Sharp grin

Glare angrily

Peeking through the window


God take me to see

The karma parody

I’m a girl with a bittersweet candy


The silky hand scratched

The morning breeze

Fawn from deep abyss


The man sculpting

Heard the brittle strings

 Hanged the lady-in-waiting


There is no such thing as death!

Thought, the body will be warm and dust

Yet, memories will make us immortal


3 thoughts on “HAIKU POEMS

  1. keep it up, smiles.

    Please Check out short story slam week 5,

    write a poem or a story based on the image, link to our week 5 collection of short stories, and have fun!
    Bless your day!
    Hope to see you in,
    Keep your creative juice running,

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