The disease is…
Says “Yes” when your heart says “No”
Smile in misery
Forlorn in happiness
Lie for others good
No matter how hurt
Loves person who hate you
Hates person who love you
Grind is crazy
Freaks are splendid
What else?
Runaway from problem
but sometimes hunt for it
just thought simple for that complicated thing!!
And how pleasurable mess up the severe
Both of us…
black and white
Laugh upon regret tears
Want to die in this blissful life
Or will you desire revive after the suicide?
That is you!
Because I’m alive


4 thoughts on “SCHIZOPHRENIC

  1. @ Jingle: there is no other words except thank you for you….
    that’s my honor to join Jingle poetry 🙂
    *my words are not going to the opposite, this is from my deepest heart* 🙂

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