Will you savor the last wine

before presents the Sasagi branch?

That’s spill and tears the bequest Shiromuku [10]

when your heart say, that wouldn’t be come true

Ah… the daughter of poor nobles

Plummy proposed by the old crown

As the mistress of thousands spouse

What can you shout on the will of God?

Oh… the lovely Lady

Then fall on the flame that should be blurry

With the escort the warrior one

Related in secret, make love in guilty

Sure it is your destiny?

What you can shout on the will of God?

When the precious dies

For fidelity suicide

This is the will of God for the lovers

Separated by Amanogawa

As what be written in Tanabata


Kuchinashi : Gardenia flowers means secret love

Sasagi branch: from holy tree for God of Shinto to drive out evil spirits

Shiromuku: white kimono for the wedding

Amanogawa: the name of the river that separated Orihime and Hikoboshi in Tanabata legend

Tanabata: famous legend in Japan

suicide usual in Japan for the man to prove his loyalty to the Lord (Harakiri)


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